Chemical Peel Aftercare

The skin may peel or flake but refrain from touching, picking or pulling at any loose skin as this may compromise results.


The skin can be cleansed with a gentle cleanser with warm/tepid water but the use of soap should be avoided until the skin normalises.  Do not scrub.  Pat to dry only.  


For the first 24 hours avoid saunas, sunbeds, steam rooms, baths and hot showers, no high impact aerobic exercise or vigorous physical activity.  Ironing, opening oven doors/dishwasher doors, cooking with pots and pans are to be avoided.


Avoid the use of benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid facial skin products during the healing process.

Avoid facial products containing fragrance for 5-7 days after treatment as these may irritate the skin. Avoid exfoliants, further peeling agents, retinol and vitamin A products.

No electrolysis, depilatory creams, waxing or laser hair removal for a minimum of 7 days after treatment.

Avoid strong chlorinated water (swimming or cleaning) for 14 days.

Use of an intensive moisturiser is advised for at least 14 days as skin may feel drier or tighter after treatment.

Mineral make-up can be applied once skin has settled.

Use SPF50 daily for a minimum of 2 weeks, Heliocare SPF can be purchased here