Bring the salon experience home with the LED aesthetic shield! 

Using ultralight nanotechnology and LED technology combined for a professional and effective at home skin spa. 

What is Light Therapy? How do different LEDs colours affect your skin? Here’s the science...

Red LED wavelength 620 - 750nm:
This provides anti-ageing benefits and boosts collagen production, to enhance elasticity and protect against premature wrinkles.

Blue LED - wavelength 476 - 495nm:
This wavelength safely penetrates below the surface layer of skin, clinically proven to kill acne-causing bacteria without pain or discomfort. 

Amber LED - wavelength 590 - 620nm:
Help stimulates lymphatic flow, blood circulation and oxygen exchange, to reduce pigmentation while increasing cell turnover for a more rejuvenated complexion. 

This product comes with a Universal USB connector to enable charging with any adaptor or USB-accepting device

LED Mask